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LightSquared’s Fall Part Two: Bring on the Lawyers

As predicted by SellTower, LightSquared has been forced to resort to legal maneuvers in its attempt to gain permission to deploy a LTE network.  It is interesting that the initial LightSquared legal justification is that the government gave LightSquared, its partners, and its vendors an unreasonable expectation of success thus inducing the investment of millions of dollars in a venture that the FCC ultimately disapproved.  While that certainly did happen, it would be more in the interest of the wireless industry to pursue an enforcement of the rights of spectrum holders to use their spectrum holdings without interference.

Let’s hope that another solution such as a spectrum swap is offered by the FCC before the L Band becomes a spectrum superfund site that is tangled in legal injunctions for years to come.  The American public could certainly use another 4G provider even if only to provide an LTE option for the Tier 2 wireless carriers who struggle to complete with the Big 4 nationwide carriers.