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ITPT’s VRE Tool is the Best I Have Seen

THE BEST REAL ESTATE GIS TOOL GOT BETTER! After sitting through several real estate tool demo’s in the last two years, I was convinced that Steven Scarcella’s RE-View tool was as good as it could get.  Then Steven, COO of Integrated Telecom Property Technology (ITPT), showed me the updated version- the VRE (Virtual Real Estate) tool. The VRE tool does not require a separate GIS license, includes several new telecom network data elements, and now covers 27 states…and counting.  Of course, the biggest benefit of VRE…

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SellTower Consulting

SellTower Consultants help clients with:

  • Corporate Development & Strategy
  • Asset Valuation & Acquisition
  • Complex Transactions
  • M&A Integration
  • Network Deployment
  • Vendor Sourcing
  • Network RFP Services

Asset Acquisition Services

Using a combination of industry partnerships, local area experts, and best-in-class data tools, SellTower has developed a truly unique method for identifying and acquiring income producing assets in the network infrastructure sector. Under the SellTower Capital name, we can acquire cell towers, cell site leases, rooftop rights, and a wide variety asset rights tied to both wireless and wireline networks.  We also support asset owners who are looking to sell their assets by helping them negotiate the best possible sales price.