Asset Valuation

Cell Tower Asset Valuation and Transaction Assistance

Wireless carriers and tower companies invest significant amounts in all types of cell sites:  cell towers, rooftop sites, water tanks, and other structures.  They also pay sizeable amounts in rent or one time payments that surpass similar uses of the same property in other industries.

You don’t have to enter into cell site lease or purchase negotiations without a “bluebook” value.  SellTower Consulting provides asset valuation and negotiation services for all parties involved in cell site transactions.

SellTower Consulting has experience negotiating everything from individual land leases to the most complex Master License Agreements and tower sales covering thousands of collocation leases.  Whether you are a landowner, building manager, or tower investor, SellTower can provide expert valuation, due diligence, and negotiation services.

SellTower can assist with large or small transaction types including:

  1. Tower asset brokerage and sales support
  2. Tower asset purchase due diligence, asset valuation, price negotiation, and closings
  3. Design, staffing, and system selection for new tower operating companies
  4. Master License Agreement, Site License Agreement, and ground rent negotiation

Take the guesswork out of what your assets are worth.  Contact Us for more information.