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Telecom’s “Top 10” Hot Topics for Summer

With Summer arriving, the temperature is not the only thing heating up.  The Telecom industry is once again entering a period of increased network deployments along with increased M&A activity.   Here are the Top 10 telecom industry topics on the minds of SellTower’s customers this Summer: Will T-Mobile be allowed to acquire Sprint this time or will the regulators and antitrust watchdogs intervene? Do wireless carriers need more spectrum or can 5G solve their projected…

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Asset Acquisition Services

SellTower has a truly unique method for identifying and acquiring income producing network infrastructure assets using best-in-class data tools, industry partnerships, and local market relationships. SellTower Capital acquires cell towers, cell site leases, rooftop rights, and a wide variety asset rights tied to both wireless and wireline networks.  We also support asset owners who are looking to sell their assets by helping them negotiate the best possible sales price.