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What Someone Who Has Everything Gave



Only God has everything, can create anything.  Therefore, when God to gives us material gifts – even in infinite quantities – it does not diminish Him, reduce His assets, or even cost Him anything.  The Creator can create out of nothing so there is no scarcity or need for sacrifice.  So what does Christmas teach us about God?

God gave Himself to mankind – past, present, and future – at the Nativity.  He stepped down from heaven, took on the limitations of a mere man, and then voluntarily died to pay for our failure to be holy enough to commune with God.  In the divine person of Jesus, God have us the ONLY thing that would cost Him something…Himself.

In return for this precious, costly gift, God only asks us to have faith in Him and accept this amazing gift.  If we believe, the gifts keep coming.  Jesus declares us to be joint heirs with Him – not mindless servants singing in a heavenly choir for eternity.  We will be participants in ALL that Jesus has.

Joy to the world indeed!


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