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Why You Will Not Get A Cell Site

You have the perfect place for a cell tower on your property. The wireless coverage in your area is spotty at best, and everyone complains about dropped calls and no signal. You don’t require much by way of compensation as you aren’t using the space. You even contacted a couple of the wireless carriers and told them about the property. One carrier even had a web form for you to fill out with your property details. SO WHY DON’T THEY CALL YOU BACK?

Thousands of wireless customers and property owners have pitched their properties to wireless companies for reasons ranging from wanting cash flow to simply getting better reception in their geographic area. Yet almost none of these landlords have been successful in receiving a response. Why? The answer lies in the process used by wireless carriers to select locations for their new cell sites.

Radio Frequency (RF) Engineers are responsible for designing and continuously improving both the coverage and capacity of wireless network in their assigned geographic markets. They use very precise modeling tools to determine exactly (often within 100 feet) they need a new site. Each of these proposed sites are then ranked on based on measures of network quality, profitability, and major customer needs. Based on the size of approved capital budgets, the highest ranked sites are approved for construction.

Therefore, the key to site location is exactly where the RF Engineer wants the site – NOT where land is available. It is up to a site acquisition specialist to find available property – typically within a ½ to 1 mile distance from the RF Engineer’s exact placement. Only the fortunate landlords within these “search rings” are ever contacted.