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Ready To Get Off the Revenue Rollercoaster?

The telecom services sector can be a whiplash-causing rollercoaster ride of starts, stops, ups and downs.


New technologies, emerging competitors, and industry consolidation can lead to both booms and busts for the the companies that perform the installation and maintenance functions.


Stable, recurring company Revenues help during industry downcycles while also improving company valuations up to 50%.

Because they are experts at what they do, many services companies uncover – or are offered – opportunities to deploy and then own network infrastructure that the carriers need.   Network infrastructure assets deliver recurring revenues in the form of rents and maintenance contracts.


Without the funds or infrastructure to manage these assets, most companies must pass on the opportunity to own the asset and to guarantee winning the deployment contract.

You do not have to pass on these opportunities!

SellTower Will Fund Your Network Infrastructure and “X” as a Service Projects

Contact SellTower to share your opportunity.  We will walk through the details with you to determine if there is a viable investment business case.  Together we can decide on whether 1)  a Finder’s Fee + deployment contract or 2) a joint investment is the best option for everyone.  Our partners are also given the opportunity to provide maintenance services and thus enjoy yet another revenue stream.

Whether the capital investment opportunity is large or small, SellTower is ready to partner with you.

Contact us at or call 501-329-2114

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