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Telecom’s “Top 10” Hot Topics for Summer

With Summer arriving, the temperature is not the only thing heating up. 

The Telecom industry is once again entering a period of increased network deployments along with increased M&A activity.


Here are the Top 10 telecom industry topics on the minds of SellTower’s customers this Summer:

  1. Will T-Mobile be allowed to acquire Sprint this time or will the regulators and antitrust watchdogs intervene?
  2. Do wireless carriers need more spectrum or can 5G solve their projected capacity shortfalls?
  3. Could there be a new wireless service provider to challenge the Tier 1 carriers?
  4. What is the value of the spectrum owned by DISH Networks, Ligado Networks, Globalstar, and Intelsat?
  5. How will Verizon and AT&T use mmWave spectrum that they are competing to acquire?
  6. Does 5G technology somehow solve the propagation and penetration problems of mid-band spectrum?
  7. What is the buzz about Mobile Edge Computing?  Are there any applications on the horizon that will demand this level of low latency?
  8. Do the wireless providers have a real opportunity to lower their tower rent expenses?
  9. How do the industry stakeholders view the C-Band spectrum that will be made available in 2019?
  10. Carrier capital spend is rising, so why aren’t there a lot of new cell sites being built?

There are important questions.  SellTower has answers!


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