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The Genius of the Gerson Lehrman Group

A few of you have asked me about the new GLG Scholar badge on the SellTower website.  What better way to answer than to use my blog to tell you about the Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG).

The GLG business model is to provide an online forum to connect those with needs for specific information or technical understanding with the experts in the industry in question.  The largest group of GLG customers are investors such as venture capitalists, asset managers, and their research staffs.  I have also consulted with companies – both large and small – facing important decisions such as asset purchases, entering new business lines, or competitive challenges.

The good news is that GLG provides a forum whereby clients can engage an expert for an hour or two on a specific topic without paying for a long engagement.  It is also a way to test a professional consultants expertise before engaging them for a longer term contract.  Of course, the confidentiality requirements are strictly enforced by GLG to protect both clients and experts.

Do you have questions about wireless spectrum?  Tower leases?  Site development?  Vendor sourcing?  The tower industry?  Do you need some information or corraboration before making an important decision?  Looking at an investment that seems to be too good to be true?  Click the GLG Scholar button and get your answers.

Of course, if your needs are longer term…project management, cost savings initiatives, due diligence, lease negotiation, vendor sourcing, etc., then contact me directly.  No need to pay a premium rate for longer engagements.

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