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Wireless Optional; I Have WIFI

I had an interesting experience recently where I could not get a wireless signal at my vacation location.  I was able to get free wifi, however.  My consternation over not having a signal almost immediately faded.  Sure I was not receiving or making phone calls, but I was able to communicate with ease with everyone in my vacation group, my customers, and even my clients.

No wireless signal meant no big deal.  That kind of complacency should be a very big concern for wireless carriers.  Wireless services is taking large chunks of customers away from ILEC and CLEC “wired” service offerings.  What is to prevent wifi access from ultimately doing the same from wireless?  Even paying a $35/month wifi fee is considerably cheaper than a wireless contract.

We all joke about students texting eachother across the table instead of talking.  Yet my students at UCA continue to do it.  Why call to “catch up” when the relevant activities of our loved ones are spelled out on Facebook and tweeted to our email boxes?

No wonder the race is on to deploy 4G.  The wireless carrier has to be a better connection (more bandwidth) than local wifi or they will not be relevant for long.

In the interim, Skype me.  Wireless may be optional, but an internet connection is not.

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