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What Someone Who Has Everything Gave

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

CHRISTMAS 2011 THOUGHT FROM THOMAS DOLISLAGER   Only God has everything, can create anything.  Therefore, when God to gives us material gifts – even in infinite quantities – it does not diminish Him, reduce His assets, or even cost Him anything.  The Creator can create out of nothing so there is no scarcity or need for sacrifice.  So what does Christmas teach us about God? God gave Himself to mankind – past, present, and future – at the Nativity.  He stepped down…

Sprint to the Rescue

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Only in the wireless industry can a company threaten to go bankrupt to extort more funds from its investors…and have it work like a charm! Clearwire threatened to miss an interest payment and thus cause its debt investors to take over the company.  This would have knocked Sprint, with 54% ownership, out of control over Clearwire.  While the threat to miss an interest payment may have been a bluff, there is no doubt that Clearwire needed…

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