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Telecom’s “Top 10” Hot Topics for Summer

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

With Summer arriving, the temperature is not the only thing heating up.  The Telecom industry is once again entering a period of increased network deployments along with increased M&A activity.   Here are the Top 10 telecom industry topics on the minds of SellTower’s customers this Summer: Will T-Mobile be allowed to acquire Sprint this time or will the regulators and antitrust watchdogs intervene? Do wireless carriers need more spectrum or can 5G solve their projected…

Ready To Get Off the Revenue Rollercoaster?

Monday, May 21st, 2018

The telecom services sector can be a whiplash-causing rollercoaster ride of starts, stops, ups and downs.   New technologies, emerging competitors, and industry consolidation can lead to both booms and busts for the the companies that perform the installation and maintenance functions.   Stable, recurring company Revenues help during industry downcycles while also improving company valuations up to 50%. Because they are experts at what they do, many services companies uncover – or are offered – opportunities to…

5G Technology Is Not Defined by the Spectrum Band

Monday, March 5th, 2018

It is a myth that 5G requires a specific spectrum band. 5G does not require a specific spectrum band. It is a new technology that increases the network speed, lowers latency, and improves battery life of devices connected to the network.  T-Mobile CFO, Braxton Carter, shares that “… the truth of the matter, 5G like any technology is spectrum-band agnostic.” That said, it appears as if each carrier is initially deploying 5G and deploying spectrum in…

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