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8 Signs the Tower Industry is Maturing

The publicly traded tower companies like American Tower continue to set new earnings records and stock market highs.  Margins are growing, and valuation multiples are often double that of their primary customers, the wireless carriers.  Yet the tower industry may be nearing or even past the peak of its high earning growth stage.   The good news is that even if high growth rates are not in future, exceedingly strong cash flows are a sure bet for…

Why You Will Not Get A Cell Site

You have the perfect place for a cell tower on your property. The wireless coverage in your area is spotty at best, and everyone complains about dropped calls and no signal. You don’t require much by way of compensation as you aren’t using the space. You even contacted a couple of the wireless carriers and told them about the property. One carrier even had a web form for you to fill out with your property details….

Interfering with LightSquared

January 21, 2011 Analysis of: NTIA to FCC: LightSquared May Cause Interference | This analysis is solely the work of the author. It has not been edited or endorsed by GLG. Summary The NTIA told the FCC that federal agencies including Homeland Security are concerned that LightSquared’s satellite-terrestrial LTE network will interfere with government communications services.  Many in the industry worry that this will be the end of LightSquared.  Yet why would LightSquared shy away from using…