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LightSquared’s Fall is a Lesson in Lawlessness

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

The LightSquared plan to provide a nationwide LTE wireless network that could reach both city and country is dead for the foreseeable future.  The NTIA letter asserting that no GPS interference fix is likely for years to come and subsequent FCC response give LightSquared almost zero wiggle room to escape its current trap.  Given the billions of dollars invested, it seems likely that Harbinger will have to turn to the courts for relief. So what lead to this very expensive…

Interfering with LightSquared: Part 2

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Summary: Right at the pitch of the anti-LightSquared fervor, the FCC approved LightSquared’s plan to deploy 4G services.  As I predicted, the concerns of government agencies and other carriers about the potential for LightSquared transmissions to interfere with GPS antennas were dismissed by the FCC.  LightSquared is free to deploy its nationwide 4G network.  Now the real work begins. Analysis: Several government agencies, including the Department of Defense, formally communicated their concerns about GPS interference from…

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