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Ready To Get Off the Revenue Rollercoaster?

Monday, May 21st, 2018

The telecom services sector can be a whiplash-causing rollercoaster ride of starts, stops, ups and downs.   New technologies, emerging competitors, and industry consolidation can lead to both booms and busts for the the companies that perform the installation and maintenance functions.   Stable, recurring company Revenues help during industry downcycles while also improving company valuations up to 50%. Because they are experts at what they do, many services companies uncover – or are offered – opportunities to…

ITPT’s VRE Tool is the Best I Have Seen

Monday, October 9th, 2017

THE BEST REAL ESTATE GIS TOOL GOT BETTER! After sitting through several real estate tool demo’s in the last two years, I was convinced that Steven Scarcella’s RE-View tool was as good as it could get.  Then Steven, COO of Integrated Telecom Property Technology (ITPT), showed me the updated version- the VRE (Virtual Real Estate) tool. The VRE tool does not require a separate GIS license, includes several new telecom network data elements, and now covers 27 states…and counting.  Of course, the biggest benefit of VRE…

LightSquared’s Fall Part Two: Bring on the Lawyers

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

As predicted by SellTower, LightSquared has been forced to resort to legal maneuvers in its attempt to gain permission to deploy a LTE network.  It is interesting that the initial LightSquared legal justification is that the government gave LightSquared, its partners, and its vendors an unreasonable expectation of success thus inducing the investment of millions of dollars in a venture that the FCC ultimately disapproved.  While that certainly did happen, it would be more in the interest of the wireless…

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